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All Aqualyte® products transform material performance as we know it. The applications for our products are endless, but regardless of which area we are developing, we guarantee to stick to our vision of a circular sales programme.


All Aqualyte® products are:

·     100% organic

·     100% organic dyes, non-chemical, non-water based process. 

·     Infinitely recyclable.

·     Harmless to the environment


The team at Aqualyte believe we can change the world by truly combining nature and science. Some of the problems we are facing as humans in the next 100 years seem overwhelming, but not to us! 

Circular economy: This is where Aqualyte is truly unique. Of course many others recycle and use different combinations of materials with a view to making a change, but at Aqualyte® we create truly organic alternatives that are recyclable in a way never achieved before. All Aqualyte products returned to us will be either reused or recycled into another product. 

 Aqualyte® is not just a product, it's our legacy!



Aqualyte® works closely with our colleagues at Arapaha, embracing the philosophy of designing products that are both sustainable and infinitely essential combination!



Necessity – Aqualyte was founded and based on a passion for this amazing planet and all the endless joys and wonderment that it offers. The drive to embrace the natural world and to work in unison with mother nature and all her unique ways


A Journey – It's a huge challenge but we can do it!  We don't have all the answers today, but we do have the drive and vision and by taking action now, we can lay down a path for future generations to follow.

Responsibility – Each and every one of us are responsible for our actions, our decisions and for our future generations.  We need to educate, demonstrate, collaborate and above all, learn from each other and only then can we make a change.

Together we must make a difference.

This is our legacy... Aqualyte®




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