Aqualyte Dynamic

Whilst retaining every aspect of the Aqualyte bio-based material line, Aqualyte Dynamic is currently used for the production of all our rigid and semi rigid products such as paddles and shafts. With incredible kinetic energy retention and release, Aqualyte Dynamic transforms material performance as we know it. Think of it as an organic kevlar!


  • 100% bio-based.

  • 100% organic

  • 100% organic dyes, non chemical, non water based process. 

  • Recyclable and biodegradable

  • As with every aqualyte product, a Polo shirt can be recycled into a paddle blade or any other aqualyte product time and time again.

  • Any Aqualyte micro fibres ending up in the soil will simply biodegrade and are completely harmless.  Any micro fibres ending up in waterways/oceans and eaten by fish or any other animal are in effect low protein food and again are completely harmless.

  • Any pure Aqualyte product ending up in landfill will be 100% decomposed without any negative effect within approximately 30 years.

  • Any person/company selling any Aqualyte product agrees under contract to act as a collection centre for used Aqualyte products for recycling.

  • At Aqualyte we closely monitor all companies manufacturing on our behalf to ensure that our exacting standards are never compromised and our 'closed loop' and sustainability processes are maintained at all times.