Aqualyte Materials

Our team at Aqualyte believe we can change the world by truly combining nature and science. Some of the problems we are facing as humans in the next 100 years seem overwhelming, but the future is already here! 


Microfibres: What if we told you we have the answer to the microfibre problem? Big claim? Well it's true! The microfibres from our clothing are nothing more than low protein fish food when it hits our waterways and oceans, so effectively, our microfibres are good for the planet! 


Circular economy: This is where Aqualyte is truly unique. Of course many others recycle and use different combinations of materials with a view to making a change, but at Aqualyte we create truly organic alternatives that are recyclable in a way never achieved before. A paddle blade can be recycled into clothing and those sports tops you only wear for a few months can be turned into a spool for fishing line! All Aqualyte products returned to us will be either reused or recycled into another product. 

What about the products that don't make it back to us and end up in landfill or in our waterways? Not ideal of course as we want it back to recycle, but within approximately 30 years it will biodegrade into nothing more than organic matter that is totally harmless.


Be part of the movement for change, AQUALYTE®